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Innovative tech solutions have already transformed several stagnant industries, giving rise to dynamic sub-sectors like prop-tech, med-tech and food-tech. Log-tech is next on the horizon and here are four reasons why.

For many the May Bank holiday conjures up images of long lazy afternoons, with a glass of Pimms in hand? But not so for Stuart and Ellie .....

The HGV Road User Levy, first introduced in 2014, was brought in to ensure lorries pay a charge to cover the higher wear and tear they cause road surfaces compared to other vehicles.

According to some post-Brexit = the end of the world as we know it; either a return to the Dark Ages or an epiphany following a long period of control.

Following the introduction of our London Lorry Route Approver App for safer more efficient compliant HGV journeys, Pie is starting to gain positive media traction. Long may it continue.

They say that exercise is good for the mind and considering how hard we work our minds at Pie we thought we would take in a bit of exercise (of sorts!) and head off down to Twickenham to take in a Six Nations match.

Because we are not only jolly nice people but also rather clued up on the IT front we decided to share some of our knowledge by running the Pie Techy Tea Party at our offices in London.

We first became aware of Pie Mapping when it joined the Last Mile Labs accelerator; an eight week DPD programme that attracts early and growth stage start-ups. Essentially we were looking for a bright idea and that is certainly what we found.

As if December wasn’t a busy enough time in the retail calendar along comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday creating two days of intense retail activity in an already bonkers period. It is estimated that £10bn could be spent in the UK over the Black Friday period; £2.5bn of that in a single day