DPD gets a piece of the Pie…

Dec 04, 2017

We first became aware of Pie Mapping when it joined the Last Mile Labs accelerator; an eight week DPD programme that attracts early and growth stage start-ups. Essentially we were looking for a bright idea and that is certainly what we found.

As part of the start-up programme Pie Mapping was set with the task of developing a solution to address some of DPD’s logistical challenges. Pie quickly developed a prototype and collaborated closely with us to create a solution that would enable traceability between planning and the live operation, providing our line haul department with greater visibility and management of DPD’s 1,000 trucks.

And, as they say, the rest is history.

As a company DPD has a long history of investing in technology with Predict, the one hour delivery window notification and Follow My Parcel to reference just a few. Technology and innovation is in our heritage and we really understand the power it can bring if implemented effectively.

What we saw with Pie is the potential to bring about enormous benefits for both DPD and our customers. Pie can increase compliance, accountability, flexibility and efficiency within the entire transport network and that is what made it a very exciting prospect. We were also really attracted to Pie’s ability to look at things in a unique way. Our industry has worked in the same way for so long it was interesting to take a step back and think ‘what if we did it differently?’

Essentially the level of insight Pie provides is second to none. Connecting planning, routing and tracking on one platform to provide an efficient holistic fleet management solution designed to connect your business workflow, drive efficiencies and lower costs.

Pie lets you genuinely be in control of your fleet and, therefore, your business. We were so impressed with Pie and its benefits we are now rolling out the solution across the entire business. So as well as owning the business and actively selling the Pie suite of solutions to the market we are expressing our genuine belief in the business by utilising it as well!

Vernon Adams

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