A hello from Stuart Hill, Pie CEO

Oct 09, 2017

When I first took over the helm of Pie I have to confess I was incredibly excited. My career had taken me from John Lewis to ASOS and then start-up wnDirect which proved to be an incredibly rewarding and successful experience considering it had been but a gem of an idea a few years before.

So to be presented with another opportunity that brought about that same tingling feeling was a challenge I was more than happy to accept.

Following its success at DPD’s Last Mile incubator scheme Pie Mapping has been working with DPD towards a full-stage rollout. As with anything once you immerse yourself into it other opportunities present themselves and I am pleased to say that Pie has become a hotbed of ideas and innovations that extend far beyond the initial thinking. The environment has also continued to reinforce our thinking that Pie is a set of products that have massive potential. Earlier in the year the Local Government Association called for a ban on the use of car satellite navigation systems by lorries and stated that they should, instead, only use devices suitable for HGVs. It seems as though industry is cottoning onto the fact that vehicles aren’t all the same!

Media publicised images of lorries squeezed into tunnels or attempting to turn round in a (previously) peaceful hamlets also show was a serious business issue this is as damage is expensive and such unplanned costs hit a business hard.

So it seems that the time is right for Pie. We have an innovative approach which offer fleet solutions that come with a whole suite of benefits such as real-time fleet visibility, automatic delivery scheduling and the best bit is that Pie comes all wrapped up in a dynamic and flexible pricing model which means smaller fleets are not restricted from utilising it.

So watch this space. Some exciting new developments are underway!

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