The life of Pie

Oct 06, 2017

We, admittedly, look a bit different now from when the company was first born, but despite popular belief, we aren’t a fledgling company that is just setting out on its journey to prove our approach works. Rather we are a bit of a hybrid; a company that has many years of experience under the LLRA and Freight Journey Planner brands which in 2016 became Pie Mapping and then, more recently Pie, a company that has all the positive attributes of a tech start-up. As part of the metamorphosis we have taken all of the knowledge and experience that was built up over many years and overlaid it with a fresh, technology based and customer first approach. And it is that which differentiates us. We get freight and logistics but we also get tech. We aren’t focussed on one aspect and reliant on an outsourced partner for the rest. We are everything that Pie offers its customers and, more importantly, what our customers need. So watch this space… as things are going to get very interesting.

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