Something to blow your mind

Nov 22, 2017

When someone promises something that will ‘blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension’ it is safe to say you have some pretty high expectations. The ‘something’ in question was the much-hyped electric Tesla truck, the Semi, and in true Musk style it had been teased as something that can ‘transform into a robot, fight aliens and make one hell of a latte’.

Now I haven’t tried the latte and, as of yet my mind is still intact but I am still pretty impressed with the spec sheet for this vehicle. According to the company the overall cost of ownership for the truck will be 20% less per mile when compared to diesel. It offers faster acceleration, better uphill performance, a 500m range at maximum weight at highway speed and thermonuclear explosion proof glass in the windshield.

It boasts some rather exciting safety features too. The driver’s seat is positioned in the centre of the cab with touchscreen displays to the left and right. These give access to telematics, navigation and blind-spot monitoring. The Semi houses surround camera and a reinforced battery with low centre of gravity. Onboard sensors detect instability and Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot system will be fitted as standard which includes automatic emergency braking, automatic lane keeping and lane departure warning functions. Tesla also says that the trucks will operate as part of a platoon where one or more will be able to autonomously follow a lead vehicle.

With production expected to start in 2019 competition in the electric truck space is heating up. In September Daimler AG announced delivery of its first electric trucks to UPS and other companies working in the space include Volkswagen, Cummins and Nikola.

These are very exciting changes in what has been a very traditional industry; a paradigm shift that is set to change the trucking world beyond all recognition, forever. At Pie we are excited to be part of the revolution as we bring our own innovation to the space. And if you can get your head around trucks that drive themselves in convoy whilst doing a barista impression then Pie’s holistic fleet management solution designed to connect business workflow suddenly seems right up your street doesn’t it?

© Photo credit: Tesla

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