Time for tea? Slice of tech with that?

Feb 12, 2018

Because we are not only jolly nice people but also rather clued up on the IT front we decided to share some of our knowledge by running the Pie Techy Tea Party at our offices in London. Working with the volunteering charity, Timebank, we invited 10 guests (who were a young 60+) and who were keen to improve their IT skills or who simply had some IT challenges they needed a bit of help with.

The session ran for 2 hours and the guests were invited to bring along their own gizmos and gadgets so they were able to practice their new found skills on equipment that was familiar to them and which they had access to at home.

After a brief intro from Stuart Hill, Pie CEO, the guests were paired off with a Pie volunteer and the conversation started flowing easily. Guests had a variety of questions ranging from internet banking issues to technical help with specific devices.

All in all the session was a great success with volunteers and guests both getting a great deal from the interaction. When asked 100% of the Pie volunteers said they enjoyed being involved in the session and that they would like to participate in more volunteering in the future. The volunteers felt a significant sense of achievement and that they had given something back to the community.

Discussing the session, James Dimmock , Business Analyst at Pie said: “I really enjoyed spending time working through a number of questions raised, troubleshooting topics and helping clarify some understanding around apps and being online. My guest was quite witty which made discussing internet banking security a laugh. I really feel like I made a positive contribution.”

Lorraine Iwu, Customer Support said: “As well as helping our new friends with their techy queries, I really loved the socialising aspect of the session. It felt like we had all known each other for months as everyone was very merry and participating in the session.”

Of course it’s not all about what we think so we asked some of the volunteers to give us their opinion too. Everyone who came gave a 100% satisfaction rating which, we thought, was rather impressive!

And they also had some rather nice things to say:

‘Learnt a lot – thank you very much’

‘Best IT session I’ve ever attended’

‘I gained significant understanding of working apps and also about the internet’

‘I had a very very good and patient instructor. Thank you very much Dominic’

‘Getting to grips with new technology. Every little bit helps older people engage in the 21st Century. Many thanks for excellent morning at PIE techy tea party’

‘Most helpful session and a pleasure to be with Heather. Thank you again’

This has been overwhelming – I am so grateful to Dawson Scott’

‘Enormously helpful to have someone able/willing to go at my pace – I now feel confident I’ve made a good start on learning how to use an iPhone and I won’t be frightened of going further. Thanks so much Ellie!’

So all in all we think that was a rather successful event which we also enjoyed immensely. Better get cracking with the invitations for the next one!

Time for tea - Group photo

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Time for tea - Pie office shot

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