Our Team

The team at Pie are a clever bunch. It’s a bit like santa’s workshop with everyone beavering away coming up with new, innovative solutions that make a positive, long lasting impact. Coming from an incredible diverse background the team at Pie have one thing in common. The drive to succeed. Pie is a vibrant and exciting business that is made so because of the people who work there every day. Focus and dedication combined with a sprinkle of magic dust and the result is a business that is set to change the freight and logistics industry forever.



Stuart Hill

Stu holds over 15 years industry experience in the eCommerce, retail operations and logistics sector, including senior roles at John Lewis and ASOS. He co-founded wnDirect, a market-leading international retail logistics solutions company, in 2012 before selling the business to DPD Group in 2017. After leaving wnDirect Stu joined the team at Pie in early 2017, after the business was acquired DPD, and took on the role of CEO in DPD's newest and youngest acquisition in the UK. He leads the company's’ mission to modernise the freight industry in a way no-one else can by harnessing technology, motivating staff, and looking for the solutions that make businesses more effective, durable, and economical, fuelled by the dynamic and motivated workforce at Pie. Stu is renowned in the office for his funny anecdotes, sense of humour and visionary approach.

  • CEO
  • Director
  • National Account Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Lead Customer Support
  • Head of Commercial
  • UX / UI Designer
  • QA Tester
  • FrontEnd Engineer
  • Front End Developer